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Adam and the Relevants

British pop is a genre of music that clearly defines the style of music in Europe. It is the sound that we hear generations before and what we still listen to today. You might think that you are new to this kind of music but the truth is that you have been hearing this style from the radio years before. But just as any type of sound evolves over time, you can expect that British pop will continue to be better and more adaptable to the current trend of music that we have today. One of the new fashions of music that we have in British culture today is guitar pop which you can get with a promo code budget.

What is guitar pop? This subgenre of British pop is a version wherein most parts of the songs have guitar solos or strings and runs. It is that kind of music where it feels kind of rugged and wild. Most people who would listen to the songs of this genre will hear the raw style of music that the songs make. And this is what makes it very distinctive to the ear. It may sound jagged at first instance but the combination of the instruments and the beauty of the songs will make you fall in love with the music and the band playing hook-heavy guitar pop.

Adam and the Relevants

Adam & the Relevant is a band that has its roots from the Netherlands. If you think of Amsterdam city sightseeing holidays or Amsterdam dinner cruises, you will immediately think of Adam & the Relevants. The music that the band creates may seem very unique and yet very familiar. This is because the influences of their brand of music came from the 90s band like Weezer and Oasis. You may also hear notes and melodies that sound like the band Wavves or FIDLAR.

Albums and concerts

The band first released their first EP in April 2013. Because the songs in their album became popular, they began to be booked on different shows and front acts of concerts. Their names became synonymous with fame. The band had different gigs in 2013 and followed up the next year. The supports for Babyshambles, Palam Violets and Carl Barat & the Jackals are a few of the ones that support Adam & the Relevants.

Tours and events

The band has had their fair share of popularity. The members of the band were invited to appear on Sempter 2013 in the television show De Wereld Draait Door. In 2014, the band played on Eurosonic/Noorderslag Festival in Groningen, the Netherlands.

Nowadays, the band is still working its way throughout the year to attend and perform in concerts.


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