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Adam and the Relevants is a band that originates from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They love Amsterdam holidays. They really adore their native land because of the number of activities that they can do in the city. From Amsterdam city trips to Amsterdam canal tours, they all adore everything that is Dutch. Even the songs that they create can be felt as having that Dutch vibe. You will definitely enjoy listening and seeing them perform on record and in concerts.

Their type of music is very raw. Some would say that their brand is loud music with a kind of wild style and ruggedness in their sound. This is the music that the fans love and continue to yearn for. The kind of genre that they carved out of the typical British pop music is nothing short of amazing.

We are having concerts all year long. You can definitely catch a glimpse of the bands during their tours in record stores and other music stands. Check the schedule of the band for their meet-and-greet so that you can see them in person and even get a snapshot with them. People can never have enough of Adam and the Relevants. It is recommended that you reserve your tickets months before a particular concert in order to secure a seat in front of their performance.

We started releasing our albums in 2013 in Amsterdam. We have booked hundreds of record stores and have sold hundreds of thousands in revenue for each song that we release. Because of the fame that the band has gotten these past years, they are now giving fans new ways to listen to their favorite Adam and the Relevants songs. You stream their songs on Spotify or download them on iTunes.

Ever since we started the band, we have garnered platinum records for the albums that we sold not only in the Netherlands but around the world. Because of this, we are given the opportunity to tour in Asia, in the US, and in Europe. People line up just to see them perform. It is best that you buy a ticket earlier before the seats run out.

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